StoreProduct.localizedPriceString in USD

  • 3 January 2023
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I am an absolute beginner when it comes to using the Revenue Cat SDK. So this might be a stupid question.  I have set up my product in Appstore,  Revenue Cat and installed the SDK.  When testing the API I get all of the information about the product back correctly in the app, apart from all prices are in USD ( hoped for SEK, app localisation Sweden).  I have tested both in a simulator and on a physical device( logged in to my account).

After reading a few blog posts it seems that this (prices in USD) is what should be expected as long as the app is in a test environment but not a problem once the app is in production. 

So my question is have I understood this correctly or have I done something wrong?




1 reply

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This should be the case, but if you get in production and this is still happening, please reach out and I can look into this for you. One thing you could try is changing your region settings on the device you are testing with and on App Store Connect but it's not something to worry about too much as long as you are seeing prices show up.