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  • 5 September 2022
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Dear all,


I would like to receive a payment by means of RevenueCat from an user and split that payment to me (the app itself) and to another specific user. The logic is akin to Uber, which receives a payment from a passenger and split that between Uber itself and a specific driver.


I’ve done my research on RevenueCat docs but had not found anything about.


Thanks in advance for clarifications!



1 reply

Hello Fabio, 

Let me try to tackle this one. 

We are essentially not in the money flow when it comes to in-app purchases. 

We handle the reporting and help you initiate the payment, however the money is being paid out to you directly by Apple/Google/Amazon/Stripe etc. 

Uber does a split payment model via their payment providers such as Stripe/Adyen and potentially others. 

I’d be curious to understand your business model further to be able to help you out. 

I hope I got your original question right, if not, just let me know. 


Have a great day,