Same user subscribing from multiple platforms

  • 31 January 2022
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Hello everybody,


How is handled the case where a user subscribe from platform A (i.e. iOS) and then login and subscribe from platform B (i.e. Android)?


There’s any check we should do or recommendation we should consider to avoid that the same user subscribe and pay twice from 2 different platforms?


Thank you.


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4 replies

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Hey @Matteo Gobbi!

You’ll want to be sure you check if a user ID is already subscribed before allowing a paywall to be displayed, but ultimately, there’s nothing preventing a user from subscribing on two different platforms. The SDK won’t prevent users from making a purchase (even if they already have an active entitlement), so you’ll need to implement this logic on your end.

You’ll need to use custom user identifiers and have the user first log in - and if you’re using our entitlements system, you can check if an entitlement is active or not before showing your paywall on either platform:

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Unfortunately this doesn’t solve. 
The user might want to upgrade the subscription. Which means we have to check from which platform the user subscribed originally. But ultimately the user can subscribe from their AppStore account settings anyway.

Also, the user might have disabled the auto renew of the subscription. And they might want to re-subscribe to extend the subscription before it expire. Looks like there’s not a proper way to handle of these cases.


thank you  



I believe we are having the same problem.
Our user, can log in with the same account on different iOS and Android phones, where he could be signed into App/Play store with different iOS or Google accounts.
But we can only allow them to manage the subscription on the same platform and with the same App/Play store account.
How can we tell if he is able to manage the subscription on the current platform with the current Play/App store account?

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The fact that there’s not an elegant solution drives me crazy.

Apple and Google obligates us to use their in app purchase platforms if we want in-app payments, and ultimately there’s no way to mix the subscriptions without issues.

All even more complicated by the fact that we’d need an external user ID / login, whereas Apple and Google purchases will work with the accounts the user is signed in on the phone.

The only solution would be to obligate the user to pay only on a website, and completely eliminate the usage of the in app purchase within the app.