Questions about PRO and SCALE plan

  • 21 February 2024
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Hi there,


Sorry i looked already on the community but i couldn’t find the exact answer.


From my understanding RevenueCat is free if my monthly intake are lower than 2500$, when i reach more than 2500$ i’ll be charged the 1% of the whole.

My question is, when do i need to switch to the Scale Plan? Is there a limit for the free plan, for example: it automatically switches to Scale Plan when I reach 3500£ MRR ?


From my understanding, i can choose PRO plan forever, doesn’t matter how much MRR i make, or it will automatically switches to SCALE plan once i reach a certain limit?


Thank you very much,

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2 replies

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Hi @Eleven,

You can stay on the Pro plan as long as you like - we won’t ever automatically switch you to the Scale plan. If you’re ever interested in switching to the Scale plan down the line, you can reach out to our Sales team for more information about it.