Prod Purchases in Android not getting reported to RC

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I am seeing some purchases and trial that are not being reported to Revenuecat. For example, someone purchased the monthly option, and I can see it in Google Play, but not in RC, did not receive a webhook and I can’t see it in my customers by using the purchase ID. This also happened with a trial. Do this users have the entitlement? What is happening?

Attached the images.

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Any help with this? this is urgent

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Any help please?

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Hey @Armando Jimenez!

It sounds like the purchase didn’t make it us somehow. If the purchase hasn’t been synced to RevenueCat, then the user won’t have access to entitlements via the API or SDK.

In this case, I’d recommend asking the users to restore purchases from within your app. If that’s not working, I’d recommend opening a support ticket so we can look into this case further: