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  • 1 September 2022
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I have React Native project. How do we prevent a user from creating multiple accounts and sharing the logins with different users


Example: Someone subscribe to the app. The have a monthly subscription and access to entitlement A

Lets say I have a login process that the user create and sign into an account (Account A). Now lets say that account A purchases an in app purchase and I am using the id of Account A as the sign in user for RevenueCat. If Account A purchase a subscription they will have access to content with Entitlement Pro. 

Now lets say that this same user logout. From my understand is that RevenueCat create an anonymous user and also create alias between the Account A and anonymous user. 

Now let say from the same device register a new account (Account B) if they press the restore purchase button RevenueCat will give access to this user and create an Amuse between the accounts

Now if a person share the login information of account B  to someone else with different device what is to prevent them from having access to the pro content. 


Its almost like a user can create multiple accounts restore the purchases to create alias then provide other users the login between all the created account to allow others access to pro content. 


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Hi @Jerry Seigle , you can determine what happens in these cases through the Restore Purchase behavior which you can set up on the RevenueCat dashboard: Restoring In-App Purchases – RevenueCat

You can either block the transfer from one account to another, or you can move the subscription over (which means that the original purchaser no longer has access).

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I think what the poster meant is that what prevents people from sharing their login and having access to pro content?


For instance, person A, person B and person C with different devices across different platforms. if they all use a single login (custom app user ID), will revenueCAT recognise them as 1 user and give all of them access or will they be identified as 3 different users?