Player Received Grace Period Even Though It's Disabled In Dashboards

  • 12 October 2021
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I had previously posted a similar question here, but then received clarification to look at the timestamps for each log individually, which cleared up the confusion. I had also double checked and disabled Grace Periods in both the Apple and Google Play dashboards.

Now recently we’ve discovered another player who ran into a billing issue, but instead of the trial/membership being cancelled, they entered a grace period and their trial membership was extended by the default 16 days. Here is a view of their Customer Profile:

And here is confirmation that the Grace Period is disabled in the Apple dashboard:

If the Grace Period is not enabled in the dashboards, shouldn’t that prevent them from receiving an extended membership? Or are there additional calls sent from RevCat that our app needs to look for, which confirms no grace period should be given? Any additional help here would be great appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hey @Mick :wave: ,

From the screenshots you provided it does indeed look like grace periods are disabled, but according to the receipt I looked up for this user they are indeed in a grace period. The customer timeline is a parsed version of the Apple/Google purchase receipts, so the dates are coming from those systems in most cases not RevenueCat.

Have you looked into this transaction on are you able to look up more details about these transactions on your end in App Store Connect? You can find the "original_transaction_id" in the event of user’s profile. 

Additionally let me know if you want me to share the user’s receipt with you that show. I can escalate this to a zendesk ticket to share sensitive information. 


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Hi @jazmine,

Thanks for your reply! The App Store Connect dashboard does not provide any information related to individual identifiable purchases where we would be able to look up the “original_transaction_id” that we can find. We’re currently relying on RevenueCat to track and validate the entitlements that should be given, including the free trial. And because RevenueCat shows a grace period was given, we can see in our database that the free trial was indeed extended to match. We’re not sure what else to do on our end in order for RevenueCat to ignore and disable any grace period options.

Are you able to escalate this issue so that the RevenueCat team can investigate further?

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Hey @Mick ,

I went ahead and sent this ticket into Zendesk to assist you further.