Play store rejection, reviewer from unsupported country

  • 26 September 2023
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My mobile game (I'm using unity SDK) got rejected by the google play store, the screenshot they provided of my paywall shows that the offers weren’t properly shown.

We didn’t change the paywall in this submission, and it seems to be working fine on the live version and on iOS.

When digging a bit on the potential reasons why, I found out that it is potentially related to the currency info or price property of the packages. 

I know for a fact, from previous screenshots they sent me, that play store reviewers are sometimes from countries where my subscription offers are not available (India or Pakistan I think).

I feel this is conflicting with the fact that my app needs to get access to currency info and package price in order to show the offers.

How does revenue cat handle that weird case where the paywall is supposed to show offers that are actually not available to the playstore reviewer given its unsupported country ?

Any help appreciated thanks !

2 replies

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Hey @Sebastien Laurent!

Just to confirm, is your paywall dynamically showing these offers if they are available, or is it hardcoded? I’d recommend using the `CheckTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility` method and displaying the offer based on that result:

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So i am retrieving the offers from the current offerings.

The problem in showing them seems to be when I want to use one of these two properties of a given package : currency_info or price. 

The packages are properly shown when I only use the price_string property of the package.
My app got approved when I reverted back to only using price_string when the paywall is shown to google play reviewers.

Before, I was using price and currency_info to show a price per month (ex: I have a package at 60$ per year and I want to show the monthly price at 5$ per month. I can’t use price_string for that matter). It was working fine when we tested it in both internal testing and in production on android and iOS. But somehow it doesn’t work for googleplay reviewers ... 

Maybe I should introduce a check for product eligibility, but anyhow I still need the reviewers to see the paywall with the typical offers our customers are supposed to get.