Paywall Localization Character Limit

  • 28 September 2023
  • 9 replies

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I use Paywall(Beta) . I want to translate into 20 languages, but I'm stuck with the character limit. How can we fix this?

localized_strings: must be less than 4000 characters

9 replies

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@mobreven thanks for letting us know! You might be the first one to have hit the limit 😅


Do you know have a notion how many characters you would need for the 20 languages?

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I need to fill in the following fields for each language.

Package details: {{ total_price_and_per_month }}
Package details for an introductory offer: {{ total_price_and_per_month }} after {{ sub_offer_duration }} free
Call to action: SUBSCRIBE NOW
Terms of service URL: http://samplelink/AppName/TermofUse.html
Privacy policy URL: http://samplelink/AppName/Privacy.html

Just these 5 fields above are 197 characters. Almost 4,000 characters for 20 languages are filled with them. 

Must be a minimum of 20,000 characters.

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@mobreven following up here: we’re studying approaches for increasing the character limit, we should be able to share more early next week!

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Just writing in to say that we’re still on this! Adding such a large char limit to the relevant APIs might have consequences in terms of traffic so we’re studying the best ways to do it such that it doesn’t affect response times. 


I’ll update here once we have a resolution

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@mobreven just to clarify a bit more: you mentioned that you need to fill those 5 fields, which are 197 chars, in 20 languages. That’s slightly below 4000 chars (although I imagine it’d be easy to go above with more verbose languages). 

However, could you shed some light on how you came to the 20,000 chars number? Would you be open to us lifting the limit to a more conservative number and seeing whether this would be sufficient?

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I didn't reach 20,000 Characters. I say that the 4000 character limit should be increased.

Let's go through an example paywall;

I assume we chose template 4.

Title: Your Free Trial Journey
Package details: {{ price_per_period }}
Package details for an introductory offer: {{ sub_offer_duration }} free, after {{ price_per_period }}
Call to action: Continue
Call to action for an introductory offer: Continue
Terms of service URL:
Privacy policy URL:

The character length of the above texts is 181
If I localize to 20 languages, I reach 4000 characters.

Other templates have more text fields and they have bigger problems.

I guess I'm not the only one using Revenuecat for localization?

You haven't solved this problem for a long time, if you continue like this I will switch to another service.

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We’re on it! Just wanted to get a clearer picture of what a reasonable limit would be for our customers, and how we can ensure our infrastructure best supports it. Should have news to share soon! 

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Update: the limit has been updated to 12,000 characters. Hope that works! Let us know if you run into any limitations again! 

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Hi! Now I'm hitting that 12,000 limit with my paywall (all languages).

I'm trying to add “Cancel any time. For more information see our Terms of Service" as  Subtitle and "… Charged every [X-months]]" to the Package details