Offer code for new users in ios 14(How can I test it)

  • 10 September 2021
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I want to grant premium access to some users with offer codes and present Redeem page with this method: 


It works fine ,but:

After redemption how can I verify the results(e.g entitlement ,days remaining ,etc )

and how can I test it with in sandbox environment ,is it possible?

I have my appstore connect side configured but I need some recommendation on revenue cat please.


2 replies

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Hey @Alireza Nazer!

I don’t believe Offer Codes seem to work in sandbox :/ In the past when we attempted testing, Offer Codes always appeared as “expired” in sandbox. We recently added an offer_code field to webhooks (documentation still being worked on) that you can utilize to confirm entitlement, expiration date, etc. 


Hi @tina ,

Does that mean that there is a Webhook trigger for every offer code redemption from RevenueCat? What would be the event type in that case.? Where can I find more details about the event details.?