Not receiving Webhook triggers for Sandbox Testing in App Store

  • 7 September 2021
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I am experimenting Webhooks integration for purchases events callbacks in Sandbox environment in AppStore. For every purchase transaction I do, I see that there is an attempt to trigger the Webhook in the Event Details, but I only see Retrying and Failure states. I do not see any logs about attempting the endpoint for any event at the API service level.



In case of Failure, the response does not have any detail to convey the reason for failure.


I have tested the endpoint separately using other clients and see that the endpoint is up and running and returns 200 status code. Not sure what is the issue here and where can I find more information to debug this situation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


2 replies

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Just as a quick troubleshooting step, have you tried sending a test event from the RevenueCat dashboard? If you can’t receive that test event and properly acknowledge it then the issue is probably in your configuration somewhere, but if the test event flow works then it could be an issue with the sandbox webhooks specifically. Knowing this will allow us to figure out what to troubleshoot next.


Hi Sharif,

I always get this error when I try to send this test event.  Whereas I am able to use the endpoint from postman and it sends a proper 200 status code response.

My understanding after going through the event types was that for Web, the Test Event from Dashboard is not supported. Is there anything wrong in my understanding.?