Non-subscription in-app purchases?

  • 23 February 2024
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Hi. I’ve just started using RevenueCat and I really like the ease of integration, however, unless I’m missing something it appears that RevenueCat does not support non-subscription in-app purchases. Is that really correct?

For my application, I need monthly and yearly subscriptions, but also a consumable purchase. I really don’t want to have to implement two different solutions.

Can anyone tell me if I’m wrong? And if not, has anyone heard that at least basic support for consumables is the RevenueCat roadmap?

Btw, I know that RevenueCat will pick up these transactions for reporting, but that’s not helpful to me.


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4 replies

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Hi, RevenueCat does support non-subscription in-app purchases. For iOS these require no extra work. But for Android the Google Play Store does not provide an option to mark IAPs as consumable or non-consumable so RevenueCat's SDK will consume all Android IAPs upon purchase. As such, to replicate the behavior of a non-consumable IAP for Android users, you must ensure your user will not be offered the IAP after the initial purchase. Failure to do so will enable the user to re-purchase the IAP.

You can read more about how RevenueCat handles non-subscription products here:


Thanks, @Haley Pace. I’ve read the documentation you suggested and see how IAP purchases can be initiated. However it still seems as if I will have to track the user’s current balance of an IAP consumable myself. Is that correct?


It sure would be nice if RevenueCat could track purchases and expenditures of a consumable and provide this information to the app. So similar to how an app can now ask RevenueCat about an entitlement, the app could ask RevenueCat for the current balance for an IAP consumable. Is something like this on your roadmap for the future?

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Hi, yes you are correct where you will need to track the balance of the IAP consumable yourself. This is not on the roadmap at this time, but I can definitely pass this along to the team as feedback.


Thanks, Haley!