No Webhook event when extending a Stripe trial

  • 12 July 2022
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I’m building a referrals feature that gives users 30 days free access to our subscription. If they’re currently on a trial, it’ll extend it by 30 days. For example, if you have a 7 day trial, it’ll extend to 37 days.



When I extend someone’s trial, I don’t see a Revenue cat event for that subscription update. Stripe sends a customer.subscription.updated event, so everything’s fine there.

My hunch is Revenuecat doesn’t support this edge case, which would be very unfortunate :/ Any recommended solutions or workarounds? Seems like a core use case to update users when anything on the subscription changes.

3 replies

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Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, you’re correct, we don’t have a webhook event for that type of subscription update with Stripe. We’ve noted down the use case though to handle in the future.

Could you share more about what you’d be looking to use the webhook for in this case? That context of where the experience is breaking down right now will help us propose some workarounds that might help.

Thanks a ton -- looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks Dan,

Like I mentioned above, we want to give a user free 30 day subscription when they refer a friend. If the referrer is already on a trial, then we’re extending it by another 30 days.

From an engineering need, it’d be nice if revenue cat sent us a “subscription updated” event, and we can just check if the billing period updated. This would simplify our system by handling all subscription updates through the webhook.

My current workaround is listening for the Stripe webhook event and updating the billing date there, which kinda defeats the point of revenuecat being the single place for this kind of logic.

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Totally agree, and it’s a use case we’ll look to address. Appreciate the feedback and context on how you’re using Stripe today! I can’t promise a timeline, but when we’ve got a suitable solution to this case in the future we’ll certainly announce it here in the community.