Multiple subscription on same Apple ID, In-App purchase IOS

  • 1 May 2024
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Please try to understand my situation by an example.

We have three plans on App Store.
1. one month
2. three months
3. one year

I signed up as User A and purchased one month subscription successfully.
I logged out from User A and signed up as User B and tried to purchase one month subscription, I got error that subscription is already active.
Now again tried to purchase three months plan, purchase is successfull but what happened when I again logged in as User A, then his subscription didn’t get renewed. I am not getting any hook to cancel or expire the User A subscription.

Is this default behaviour of the app store in-app purchases, Am I missing something or doing something wrong.

Is it really not possible to purchase two subscriptions from same Apple ID and both got renew parallely.

Please note these all cases are for same Apple ID.

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1 reply

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RevenueCat uses App User Ids to make sure the correct subscription goes the right user and it’s not abused by multiple accounts benefiting from 1 purchase. Here’s the documentation to learn about user ids, how to set them up correctly and how to handle log in, log outs and restores.

Like you mentioned, the SDK throws an error when one person is trying to use the same purchase for 2 different accounts. The limitation though, comes from Apple/Google where they don’t allow buying the same subscription (or a subscription in the same group) twice at the same time. So the subscription for User B would have to be purchased from a different store account than User’s A one. There are some workarounds that could be possible - you could set up subscription groups for Apple:
But there isn't anything equivalent for Google. Google Play accounts can have multiple subscriptions simultaneously, but they wouldn't be able to have the same one.

Let me know if this helps!