Missing EXPIRATION webhooks

  • 13 December 2021
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Hi support,

I came across a few users that seem to be missing the EXPIRATION calls on which we rely to correctly cancel premium subscriptions. I leave below an example, a capture taken while writing:



As you can see this is a user that should've expired on 12.01.2021 after failing to renew the subscription, but the premium status (top-right corner) is also saying the user renewed the subscription. That looks to me like something got lost on the way.


The above raises some questions that I hope you can help with:

  1. to confirm this is normal behavior, or expected, a known issue;
  2. if not, why does this happen?
  3. what percentage of missing EXPIRATION (or other webhooks) should I expect? In the past weeks I counted 10%;


Thank you

8 replies

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We are also seeing this across a large number of users. The dashboard says the subscription expired on some date but no expiration event was ever sent.

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Still experiencing this issue


We are also experiencing the same issue. I came across 60 users that seem to be missing the EXPIRATION event.

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We are also experiencing the same issue. I came across 60 users that seem to be missing the EXPIRATION event.


RC support got back to me today and said it has been fixed going forward. Waiting a few days to see if that is indeed the case.


Related: Where is RC support here on the forum? This thread has gone unaddressed by the team for over a month. I had to contact support privately (they say it’s only for “account or billing related issues”, but it’s the only way to privately send over user IDs and such for them to investigate) to get a response.

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Checked back today and found a ton of subscriptions that should have expired but had no EXPIRATION event sent, so the bug is not fixed.

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Hey @daku!

It looks like that customer in your screenshot entered a grace period that was then able to convert - their subscription never expired. The order of the events in the timeline there is confusing because the conversion event is ordered off of the purchase date, other events like billing issues are ordered off of the event date.

So when a grace period converts, you’ll see the conversion event _before_ the grace period event in the customer history. You can confirm this be clicking into the event and viewing the event timestamp, you’ll see that the conversion event actually happened after the billing issue.  

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@ryan We are still experiencing this issue. I’ve sent support a ton of IDs and not gotten any updates back. Lots of customers who have opted out of renewal or had a billing error are showing an expired subscription in the dashboard, but no EXPIRATION event is sent. This has been going on since the event was introduced.


I can confirm this, we have the same problem. We are about to launch and are still testing in sandbox and we are (sometimes) missing EXPIRATION events. We will get CANCELLATION events and then we expect the EXPIRATION event shortly after and we base a lot of our internal business logic on EXPIRATION events, but sometimes they don’t arrive.