Logic and/or workflow of RevenueCat subscription status

  • 25 March 2022
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Hello all, i am new to the app space. I used a no code app software and I completed my app. The last part is the subscription part. The subscription is for use of the entire app. So here’s where I need help oe guidance:


-User downloads my app in Appstore or Google PlayStore.

-They set up an account.

-Payment wall opens and they pay.

Heres the help that I need to understand: How do I update user info to show they paid so they can have access, and when they cancel, they wont have access? 

Do i use a webhook to accomplish this?

Can anyone explain a webhook and how to use it. 

I think my understanding of webhooks is my missing link. 

So right now, i can manually update a user profile and enter “true” for their entitlement. Then I can get a notification showing cancellation, then manually enter a “false.”
This is no problem if i have 20-40 subscribers. If I have 1000, then this is a huge problem. 

Can anyone share any advice or knowledge, thanks.

2 replies

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The recommended solution here is to let RevenueCat handle this logic for you :) You don’t need to store any subscription status on your server, as this is the job of RevenueCat. The SDK will automatically check for subscription status on each app launch and lock / unlock functionality correctly. 

That said, I’m not 100% sure how this plays into the nocode platform you’re using, but if the RevenueCat SDK is integrated correctly subscription status should be coming from RevenueCat, not your backend. 

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Hello Ryan, thanks for your help. I figured it out finally. I was looking at it all wrong. I thought Revenue Cat would update my backend to show entitlements, instead of my app fetching the data from Revenue Cat.