Is `Restore Purchases` linked to the account that buys the In-App Product?

  • 4 April 2024
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Good day, 

This is my first time using RevenueCat. I wanted to use it to allow anonymous users to buy 1 all access package for a fixed price. Currently my app supports android only and I am assigning a device bound unique Id in my configuration (see snippet).  This is a hexadecimal string unique to each combination of app-signing key, user, and device

appUserID: Application.getAndroidId(),

My question on the matter is that I was wondering what prompts the Restore Purchases functionality. Is it the google play account that completes the purchase initially? If so what happens if a user is logged into multiple accounts.


I’ve tested it for myself by buying the package on an emulator using my GmailA account. Then on my real device press the restore purchase button with GmailA logged in. This worked. even though the  appUserId Is not the same (since it’s a different device). Hence the question if it is managed by RevenueCat’s backend using the google play account. What I also don’t get is what happens if there are multiple accounts logged into the device “GmailA” and “GmailB”. Which have both purchased the package. How does RevenueCat decide which package to activate?


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Our restorePurchases does check for the underlying store account that is logged in. If a user has multiple Google accounts signed in, we’ll check whichever one is active (if you go into the Play Store App, there will be a profile picture in the upper right denoting which account is currently active).


Thank you Ryan, that clears it up!