iOS offerings not showing (for 2nd Subscription Group)

  • 3 July 2024
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We created a 2nd Subscription Group, in order to create an add-on subscription product that users can upgrade to, in addition to their core subscription product.

It’s set up so that when a user is a paid subscriber to our Unlimited Access subscription, they can upgrade to the Premium AI subscription if they choose to.

While our entitlements/offering for the main subscription (Unlimited Access) works fine, when a user hits the paywall to upgrade to the Premium AI, the offerings are not showing.

And for some customers it shows that they are already subscribed to this. We think this was because the add-on subscription was all under one Subscription Group. We created a separate 2nd group to try and fix this, but we’re not sure if it did.



We have:

-Accepted the paid agreement
-Subscription is approved by App Store and is available in every country
-Made sure product id matches the revenuecat

Any tips here?


1 reply

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Hi @Jumpspeak,


You are correct, if they are add ons then they have to be in different subscription groups.

How are you trying to retrieve the 2nd group subscriptions? You should create a different entitlement for them in RevenueCat dashboard. 

And can you confirm you have set up the localizations for the new subscription group? Without that we won’t be able to get the products.


I hope this helps!