Invalid credentials with Apple Store Connect in TestFlight

  • 13 May 2024
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Hello I have the problem that when I make a payment to a subscription within the application I get an error INVALID_CREDENTIALS this happens when I download the TestFlight application. I was testing locally on a physical device with SandBox accounts and it works fine and I don't get the INVALID_CREDENTIALS error, which causes me confusion because it doesn't work in TestFlight. To be sure that I use the necessary API Keys, I recreated a second project with new Apple Store Connect API Keys and I still get the error in TestFlight. What could be the problem?



1 reply

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Hi @heygonza ,

I see that the error you are getting is Invalid API Key.

Are you using the same bundle identifier when you are compiling your app through Xcode and then when you use it via Testflight? 

You could recreate all the certificates again using our step by step guide and see if the issue gets resolved as well. 


I hope this helps!