introPrice.periodNumberOfUnits returning 7 on iOS

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Hi there,

We have started seeing a really weird issue on our production app since about mid April where sometimes the offering data is returning 7 under the introPrice.periodNumberOfUnits value for ios. As far as I understand it is impossible to get a 7 for this value from the app store because Apple only offer certain distinct introductory offers as shown in the screenshot I sent. Currently for the product being displayed it should be a 1 week free trial and some of the time it is returning 1 as expected but sometimes it returns 7. This started happening after no changes on our side suddenly about in the middle of April (according to our data). I was wondering if your team has been making any changes around this as we just dispplay the value that we get from Revenuecat SDK, we don’t fiddle with it or hardcode any values.




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Hey @Lydia!

It appears that Apple sometimes returns “7 days” instead of “1 week” - the SDK team is addressing this in this PR:

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@cody Ok great! Thank you