In-App Purchase promo code test Prior to Release

  • 20 May 2023
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My iOS app has recently passed Apple's review process and is currently in the status of "Pending Developer Release." Prior to the official release, I wanted to test the in-app purchasing feature, so I issued a promo code shortly after the app was approved. Through this promo code, I downloaded my app, but unfortunately ran into an issue. When I attempted an in-app purchase, the screen remained in a "loading" state. This issue was not present in my TestFlight version, where the iOS payment sheet typically displayed promptly.

I'm uncertain whether this could be an issue with my code, or if there is a certain waiting period required after approval before the in-app purchase functionality can be tested, even with the app downloaded via a promotion code.

With these concerns, I'm feeling quite apprehensive about making my app public. I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide some insight or guidance on testing in-app purchases in the actual production environment before public release. Any feedback from you guys would be immensely valuable. 😭


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I have resolved this matter myself.

Below are the detailed contents for those who come across this post in the future and find it useful.

I called Apple directly and received the following response: 'Even if an unreleased app is downloaded and installed through a Promo Code, it cannot be used to test in-app purchases in a production environment.'

So, I decided to make my app public and tried the in-app purchase feature. Approximately 40 minutes after clicking the 'Publish App' button, I successfully completed an in-app purchase.

Tips: For those who want to test but haven't reached the app release date, you can set the app's availability to less popular countries after testing is done. This way, only people in those countries can see your app. 😆

After setting the availability, it takes about 40 minutes for the changes to reflect on the App Store