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  • 4 March 2024
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First of all, thank you for your great work.

Is there a way to identify a webhook event is a promotional offer or not?

We have a promotional offer in apple store: first month 50% off discount. Webhook events look like this:

1. First event:



  "period_type": "NORMAL",

  “price_in_purchased_currency”: 10


2. Second event:



  "period_type": "NORMAL",

  “price_in_purchased_currency”: 20


Which looks correct, however, we want to identify the first event as ‘promotional offer initial purchase` for our own record. It can be identified through ‘price_in_purchased_currency’ but it’ll get complicated since there are up to 200 currencies. 

We tried to add customer attribute to give more information when user buy promotional offer, but that goes to all events so it doesn’t really meet our needs.

Just wondering if there’s another way to differentiate the initial ‘promotional offer’ subscription from following ‘normal’ subscription. Thanks a lot!


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Hey There,


In the period_type field of your webhook responses, you will get the following values:

  • TRIAL (for free trials)
  • INTRO (for introductory pricing)
  • NORMAL (standard subscription)
  • PROMOTIONAL (for subscriptions granted through RevenueCat)
  • PREPAID (for Play Store prepaid transactions).


Aside from the field mentioned above, there isn't another flag that denotes purchases made from promo/intro offers. 


I can share this with the team as a general feature request to have more info on when purchases are redeemed by promos.