I am getting a DEVELOPER_ERROR error

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I'm migrating from revenuecat version 4.3.0 to 6.0.0 and getting DEVELOPER_ERROR when trying to subscribe. The retrieval of the offers and the packages associated with my app work correctly, what could be the problem?

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When you see "developer_error", there is typically an error with one of the parameters passed in, making your purchase invalid. The Google reference for the error code may be of more help: 

Invalid arguments provided to the API. This error can also indicate that the application was not correctly signed or properly set up for In-app Billing in Google Play, or does not have the necessary permissions in its manifest.

This could also be related to testing with a non-license tester user. You can read more here about how to set up a closed track of your app to debug and test:

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Indeed, the error occurred because I was performing a test with the app generated from Android Studio with a user without a test license.

Already solved.