How to prevent Google Play Account Sharing

  • 16 May 2023
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I am using RevenueCat to handle google play subscriptions on my app. I use React Native. I am bit confused about sharing subscribed google play accounts. I use firebase email authentication.

  1. User A logs in with their credentials and gets subscribed.
  2. User B uses User A’s google account and logs in his account and app shows as subscribed as well. 

Documentation shows I can handle it with Restore Purchases but I am so confused how to do that. Could anyone please help me with this please? Thanks.

Update: I changed “Transferring purchases seen on multiple App User IDs” option to “Keep with original App User ID” but still facing with same problem:

User A:


D  ℹ️ No subscriber attributes to synchronize.

Gets subscribed:
 D  ℹ️ Requesting products from the store with identifiers: ...         
 D  ℹ️ Products request finished for flexriders_weekly_sub
User B logs in User A’s Google Play account then logs in via User B’s email and activeSubscriptions below function returns true:


if (customerInfo.activeSubscriptions.includes("xx”)) {

                return true;

            } else {

                return false;


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When User B logs in, call restore purchases. If you have “Transferring purchases seen on multiple App User IDs” enabled, it will transfer the subscription from User A to User B. If you have “Keep with original App User ID” enabled, it will prevent the restore from going through so purchases will not be transferred.