How to handle web subscriptions sync?

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We are using Paddle for web subscriptions and aren’t sure how to link userIDs and sync status with RevenueCat. Is there a way we can post userIDs and subscription status to RevenueCat so that when the user logs in on iOS we know if they are subscribed or not. The reason I want to do it this way is because otherwise we’ll have to create a new layer on our backend that tracks subscription status for all users and we will need to check that instead of the RevenueCat SDK which kind of defeats the purpose. 


Otherwise, we could first check if they are RevenueCat subscribed then check our backend too - which would work I think. But isn’t there some web sdk for subscriptions?


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More info: I see the REST API here that we could use to create subscribers, but what should we put for the productID fields - can we just put a random stripe product (even if we aren’t using stripe) so that MRR / rest of the analytics/purchases appear?


I see you need some sort fetch token as well - is there a way around this? 

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Hey @Zachary Shakked! 👋

We don’t support subscriptions from Paddle at the moment. For web payments, Stripe is the only supported platform and will require a Stripe account to be connected to your RevenueCat account so we can fetch updates from Stripe directly.

I’d be happy to add Paddle to our backlog as a platform/feature request, but for now we aren’t able to consume these purchases. You may be able to leverage our promotional entitlements system to replicate a transaction, but you’ll need to manage this manually from your end. This won’t be able to track purchase price / MRR / any analytics though, just entitlement access for your user. Does that make sense?

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@cody I think a better roadmap piece than adding paddle would just allow arbitrary purchase sync and don’t require the fetch token parameter - wouldn’t that be easier? 


+1 for requesting Paddle integration with RevenueCat. 

@cody any update on where this is on the roadmap?

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+1 paddle integration would be amazing. Is this coming any time soon?

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+1 paddle integration or a way to sync web purchases with RC for analytics… switching from stripe to paddle to simplify foreign sales tax filing. It would be great to get RC LTV per Paying Customer charts on web users too, and/or app store buyers who purchase add-ons through web checkout. 

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+1 For Paddle integration :)

This is a dealbreaker, and we’ll probably have to move away from RC because of this. Updating the API to allow non-Stripe billing events would be a good enough way to handle this.

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@cody How is this with the new REST API you’re currently developing? Anything in there that would make synching purchases without Stripe (or the native SDK of course)?

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+1 for Paddle.

Is this on the roadmap? Or any other Merchant on Record web payment platforms? Selling internationally on Stripe is brutally complicated with all the international tax compliance