How to determine accurate subscription information

  • 1 December 2022
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My application (Mac OS, using StoreKit 2) has two subscription levels, each of which are sold at 2 durations - basic_1m, basic_1yr, professional_1m and professional_1y

If the user first purchases the monthly “basic” subscription (basic_1m), and then upgrades their subscription by purchasing the yearly “basic” subscription (basic_1y), they are told (by StoreKit) that their subscription will change to the new duration (and they will be charged the new rate) when their monthly subscription expires.  This is as expected.

Now, I wish to display that information to the user, but it doesn’t appear to be available through RevenueCat - the CustomerInfo shows the currently purchased subscription (basic_1m), even though the user has authorized the change in rate.

Is there a way to get information about the upcoming subscription, as opposed to the current subscription?

Thanks for your time - Ron

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Hi, we won’t show future billing cycles, only the current one. What you can do is use our management url, which is a link to the settings page of your device so you can manage the subscription for the app you are in. The information on this page is also coming directly from Apple:

You can send the user to this management screen and then they can update their subscription from here, as well as see the upcoming subscription.