How do you disable existing subscriptions?

  • 15 July 2022
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Currently we have 6 active monthly subscriptions products on Apple and Google, however we want to reduce this down to 2. If we disable/delete the other 4 what will happen to the users that are on those subscription products? Will their subscriptions renew at the end of the month?

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Hey Walter! On this question, we don’t recommend disabling products that you have active subscribers on, because the behavior with the stores is to end those subscriptions immediately. What’s the benefit you’re looking to get in disabling those 4 subscriptions?

If you’re looking to ensure that new customers aren’t offered them, a different way to accomplish that would be to create a new subscription group on iOS that only includes the 2 products you want to offer. That way, when a customer goes to manage or cancel their subscription, they’ll only see those 2 products offered in that group.

But if there’s a different issue that those 4 subscriptions are causing that you’re looking to address, let me know and we’ll try to recommend a solution for it. Thanks!