Grant Entitlement for user with active subscription

  • 9 December 2021
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We have a use-case:

  1. User is active subscriber on a monthly plan
  2. They trigger `redeem` functionality
  3. They get 1 month free from their subscription (meaning next month they are not getting billed, however month after that - they are getting billed again)

We know that via RevenueCat it’s possible to make if user is not a subscriber. However, would that work for subscriber’s case?


If it’s not possible - what would be recommended scenario for implementing this case? We would like to explore possibilities to give not only 1 month free, but also other various durations.

We were also thinking of this scenario:

  1. User is active subscriber on a monthly plan​​​​​​​
  2. They trigger `redeem` functionality
  3. User sees `offer` page with `1 month free + regular monthly` billing
  4. They claim the offer
  5. User’s previous subscription period ends, their new subscription starts with 1month free

Would that work? Ideally - `entitlements` would make it much easier as we would not need to create any extra offers.



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Hey @Aurimas FM!

Apple provides developers with limited tools to modify active subscriptions, but they have Promotional Offers and Offer Codes that you may be able to set up to accomplish this.

More info here:

With Offer Codes, there’s no extra code to set up and you can give these customers a code to redeem. With Promotional Offers there would be some extra code to redeem the offer and the customer would go through another purchase flow on the device.