Google Play Store: Purchases made using promo code are NOT recognized anymore

  • 1 September 2022
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My app has a lifetime subscription in-app purchase (for removing ads). I’ve used RevenueCat from the start, 4 months ago, and it worked flawlessly until now, both with regular paid purchases and promo codes. Users redeemed the code in the Play Store and the next time the opened the app the purchase was in their entitlements.

A few days ago I found out that nothing happens anymore when a user redeems a promo code. Those kind of purchases are still regularly processed by the Play Store but now they don’t appear in the “overview” section of RevenueCat, and when the app retrieves the customer info (even after trying to restore the purchases, of course) there’s no sign of their existence. Regular purchases still work, apparently.

I’ve tested with several users, even from different countries: same outcome.

I’m pretty sure that the entitlements obtained with promo codes in the past still work; the problem occurs only with new attempts that have been made last month. The codes that I’m testing are not expired: like I said, the Play Store accepts them. It’s just that RevenueCat can’t see them.

By the way, my app is made with Expo (React Native).

In the time period between the latest successfully registered in-app purchase with a promo code, and the first one that didn’t work, the only change I made in my app has been an upgrade from Expo SDK 45 to 46 (React Native 0.68 to 0.69, basically). But when the problem started to occur, I had the same version of the “react-native-purchases” package (4.5.3). I actually updated it to v5.0.0 and published a new version in the store hoping it would fix the problem, to no avail.

About my Google developer account, I don’t have problems of any kind and absolutely anything has been changed in the configurations (especially something that could compromise this stuff), I double checked everything just to be sure.

Can you please help me to pinpoint this issue? Am I the only one experiencing it?

Thanks a lot,


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2 replies

Hi Paolo, thank you for reaching out. Would you mind logging into the Dashboard and clicking on Account → Contact Us to submit a request directly to support? You can add a link to this post for context. Thanks!

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I too see issues with Google Play Promo codes that are redeemed at the same time as a trial subscription. 

any ideas?