Google Play Product Setup Docs incorrect?

  • 25 July 2023
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Hi there, we are setting up some products using the new Google Play subscription structure and I was reviewing the RC docs to get some help with naming, however there are a few things that I think might be incorrect. The docs say the following:

Click "Add base plan" and fill out the associated fields. Make sure to set a price, and click "Activate". Since subscription products can only have a single base plan with the same duration and renewal type, a good way to name base plans could be <duration>_<renewaltype>, eg. annual_autorenewing


  1. In Google Play I am able to create multiple base plans with the same duration and renewal type and successfully import them into RC as products. Am I missing something there?
  2. Base plan ids do not seem to allow underscore and so the suggested naming convention won’t work.


I just wanted to confirm if these are issues in the docs or whether I am misunderstanding something fundamentally 😅.


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Hey Lydia, 

Thanks for pointing this out! The information appears to be outdated - you’re right about both the underscore and the multiple base plans. I’ll make sure that doc is updated with the current information!