Google Play Financials dont match RevenueCat

  • 3 February 2022
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I have a few subscription apps and noticed today that the financial information in Google is showing a lot more activity than revenue cat,

The money that has been paid and showing in revenue cat is way less than the value within google play.

I have not even looked where the money is… but its worrying that revenue cat’s status page is not showing any of the google financials.

Anyone having any issues like this, it makes me think why am I using revenue cat as my earning are not correct?

1 reply

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Hey @appstrader!

It’s expected that RevenueCat won’t always match up with the respective stores (since they are the payment processors), but it should be close. Things like currency conversions, taxes, and price changes will affect what RevenueCat estimates the price to be versus what the stores know the price paid was. Have you taken a look at our guide on data discrepancies? It might help to explain what you’re seeing: