Google Play custom promo code link not working (but manual input is)

  • 26 August 2022
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Hi! Deep link clicks to apply custom promo codes isn’t working (cf screenshots) in Android. If my code is “BETA”, I’m using the link as specified in your doc and in the google play doc.


Inputing the same code, “BETA” here, manually in the payment prompt in my app works.


I’ll add that deeplinks for single-use promo codes work (using the same link construction rule as for custom promo codes, so if my code is 123456789 the link


Any idea how to make deeplinks for custom promo codes work?







3 replies

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I have exactly the same question so if any of the RC staff could help us out, that would be great!

Update: just  found this at


  • Custom codes can be redeemed only from within your app, while one-time codes can be redeemed through both your app and the Play store
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Hi @pieter78 ! I actually figured out it can’t work: in the only url construction scheme we have from Google Play (this one:, there is nothing indicating which app it is for, so if both of us created a code AUTUMN22 the link would be the same and the PlayStore couldn’t know which app the user meant to subscribe to from the link.


I don’t think there is another way so all we can do is provide a tutorial to users to use one time links in Android


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Hey guys, has anybody managed to figure how to fix this? Thank you in advance.