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  • 25 April 2024
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Hello community 👋 


I have my app only in internal testing track in Google Play Console.


Is it possible to start integration with RevenueCat at this stage? I.e. when my app at internal testing track at Google Play Console. 

For some reason FlutterFlow guide mentions closed track for Revenue Cat integration. 


But to promote my app to closed testing from internal testing Google now asks details about paid part of my app, also Google wants to review my app before promoting to closed track. 


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Hey @oleksandr-musatkin-f076c5,

You can use the internal test track with RevenueCat - the reason that we recommend the closed test track is because it tends to be less error prone in our experience. If you are able to test without issue on the internal test track then that should be totally fine, but if you do find yourself running into problems making purchases, my recommendation would be to try the closed test track and a physical device.