Google Invalid Play Store Credentials - 503 error

  • 1 December 2021
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I have given it a good 24 hours or more, I have not used revenuecat before or at least never got this far before and I really want this to start working rather than moving to another way of setting up subscriptions.

My app will go through the motions and accept the subscription followed by the email to say I have scribed and shortly after its cancelled.

This test purchase was cancelled because it was not acknowledged. You should ensure that all purchases are acknowledged so that they are not subject to refunds.

Within Android studio every thing looks ok until the last statement where I have a credentials issue with the 503 error

Can anyone assist on this, I have seen posts where revenuecat can look into this issue and I see posts saying they have waited a week and it doesnt work, I want to get this issue resolved can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Once I get over this issue I will simply reuse everything I have coded into another app so I really want to get this sorted.


I have also setup the subscription with free days but the purchase button does not say that it only says monthly bill but no words of free trial, how does the trial work in revenue cat and how does the client know its has a free trial ?


Thanks for reading and helping !!



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6 replies

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Hey @appstrader! Sometimes the issue is accidental whitespace or invalid JSON pasted in the RevenueCat console, or a misconfiguration or something missing in the Play Console. I guess this is a “dreaded” error because there isn’t much more info to debug other than what we see that the credentials are invalid :( 

You’ll need this credentials to do any IAP through Google (regardless if you’re using RevenueCat or not) and can be a painful step but should just be a one-time thing! 


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It was a fairly simple fix and I got there in the end, now I know I know so the next app will be easy !!

Many thanks 


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Nice! What was the fix in this case?

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Hopefully you can help me out on my other issue Ryan,

This issue is caused when you create the subscription, YOU HAVE TO create a price within the price section of the app otherwise it will not work if you have not set a price you will receive the 503 errors add a price into the section and 503 instantly goes away.


Hi @appstrader, 

Can you provide a bit more explanation on “YOU HAVE TO create a price within the price section of the app”. A few lines of explanation will really help hopefully.Thanks in Advance.

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I am stuck on the same place. Can anyone hep me with the steps I should do now. I have given price to my subscription in google play console. I don’t know why this is happening. Any help