Free Trial ending reminders

  • 30 January 2024
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We're building an iOS and an Android app that uses RevenueCat to manage the subscriptions.

There's a free trial period and we'd like to send users an email 2 days before their free trial period ends.  

It sounded like maybe one of the webhooks could do that, but we weren't sure.  

Is it possible with a webhook or is there another method you suggest? 

2 replies

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To do this, you can listen to INITIAL_PURCHASE webhooks with period_type ‘TRIAL’ for when a user starts a trial. Then you can take down their app_user_id and expiration_at_ms to know when the trial will end to know when to notify them. You also may want to listen to subsequent CANCELLATION webhooks to know if those users end up turning off auto-renew. 

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I was really hoping to not have to track and do this myself, given that nearly every subscription app out there wants to send these reminders. As far as I understand it, I can’t use the OneSignal integration to achieve this?