Flutter + Revenue Cat | The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase

  • 2 August 2022
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Flutter base app with Revenue Cat support for store in-app items payments. Developed for Android and iOS. Currently in beta access on Play Store for mainly use in Singapore area.


When a user attempts to buy a one-time in-app item on Android devices. We catch the following exception.

PlatformException(3, The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase., {code: 3,
message: The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase., readableErrorCode:
PurchaseNotAllowedError, readable_error_code: PurchaseNotAllowedError,
underlyingErrorMessage: Error updating purchases. DebugMessage: . ErrorCode: 3.,
userCancelled: false}, null)

Although we have our in-app item active in Play Store Console, Ids are synced between Play Store and Revenue Cat, our Play Store profile is set to receive payments, and, we already had payments succeed before. On iOS we have no issues on this matter. Every purchase completes normally.

Example of a refused payment :


Based on our search, and after a response from Google support. Everything points to an error with the payment methods/user profile (not logged into Google account).

But we have A LOT, AND ONLY refused payments in the last month.

Does anyone have the same issue? Does the app need to be published to the store to avoid those errors? Is there something up with the Play Store Profile configuration which isn't explicitly shown?

Thank you all in advance.

3 replies

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Hello, I get the same error. Have you fixed it?

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I solved it by checking google play store app's setting on phone settings->apps. I saw that Google Play Store was not active. I set it as active and problem is solved for now.

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Where can I see this history page in Google Play Console? 

I’ve been having this error and I want to check how many users tried to buy.