Fatal Issue - Offerings are no longer being returned from RevenueCat

  • 22 October 2021
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Our iOS app stopped receiving responses from RevenueCat sometime in the past week. No code was changed on our end and our live app is no longer displaying any subscription options.

This call is simply not returning successfully, nor is the failure block called. It doesn't matter what "offering" is - I’ve tried several of our offerings that are registered with RC and that have worked before. Any ideas what could have broken? This has completely broken in-app purchases for us.


subscriptions?.fetchPackages(for: offering, onSuccess: { [weak self] (packages) in

            let sortedPackages = packages.sorted(by: { $$1.product.price) == .orderedDescending })

             //this block is not called
        }, onFailure: { (error) in
            //this block is not called 


The only thing I see logged in the console is “DEBUG: ℹ️ Vending Offerings from cache

I’ve verified that all of our In-App Purchases are still in the “Approved” state in App Store Connect.


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1 reply

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This was due to a paid apps agreement expiring in App Store Connect. Will leave the post up in case it helps anyone in the future. Although I wonder why fetchPackages doesn’t return in this scenario.