Family Sharing with Restore Purchase

  • 24 February 2022
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I have not been able to get family sharing working even though I have enabled all family sharing options on the device and in the App Store. 

Currently what I have been trying

1. Invite family member
2. Share app to family member
3. Wait several hours
4. Ask them to restore purchase using the Purchases.restoreTransactions() from the react-native SDK 

The results always say ‘No purchases restored’ 

I noticed that in the Restore Behavior under Project Settings > General that my account is under Alias (Legacy) rather than Transfer Purchase. 

I am concerned with changing the Restore Behavior from Alias (Legacy) to Transfer Purchase since there is a label saying this is not reversible.  

Is this causing the issue? Do you have any idea how I can resolve this? 

Thank you 


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Hey @Deepa!

Your restore behavior doesn’t matter so “Alias (Legacy)” should be fine! I think I got a few questions for you so that I can try to replicate.

  1. What version of the React Native SDK are you using?
  2. What kind of purchase is it? Subscription, non-consumable, or consumable?
  3. Have you been testing in production on a live app in the App Store? Or from a TestFlight build?


Hi @joshdholtz 

1. I am on version 4.5.2
2. Subscription 
3. Testing on live app since I read in this blog post that family sharing is not available in Sandbox mode

Hi @joshdholtz

Following up with this as this is still an issue for us. 

A new issue I have found is when you purchase a package that is Family Shared it will say in a native alert dialog

“A family member has already purchased this subscription. You get it for free.’”

And then moments later the promise will fail with the generic error message

“Error: There was a problem with the App Store.” 

Update on this, 

All it took was time. After about a week family sharing started to work.