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  • 10 April 2024
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While investigating an account I expected to be closed in our system, I noticed that the expiration webhook had failed with a 403 (The dashboard says 6 out of 6 attempts but I only see the last result I assume).

What I want to know now is how often this happens and if its a one off or a recurring problem, however I can’t see a centralised place to view webhook events & failures (Unlike Mandril for example that has a dedicated webhook section and shows you all the recent failures).

If this data exists then where is it? Or is there a custom report somewhere I can run to get this data?


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Hi! If you navigate to the page where you configured your Webhook integration in the RevenueCat Dashboard and scroll to the bottom, you will see a section labeled “Webhook Events” with a list of recent Webhook events within it. There is a dropdown menu in the section which will select the “Show All Events” option by default. If you click on that field, you will be able to select the “Show only Failed Events”, which will display the recent Webhook events that were not responded to with a 200 status code. 



Thanks for the reply but I don’t see this. I can see all the configuration for the webhook, name url events etc, but I don’t see anything below the list of checkbox for the event filter.

Are there multiple ways to configure a webhook? I’ve gone into our project, integrations, webhooks, defaults


In case this comes up for anyone else, you need the right level of access for this. I only have ‘View’ so while I can view the webhook configuration I can’t see the recent events