Every Webhook trigger in Sandbox testing ends as Failure.

  • 16 September 2021
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I am experimenting Webhooks as part of Sandbox Testing with App Store. In the Event Details page I see the entry for the Webhook trigger but it always ends in Failure. 

Also, I am unable to send the test event from the Dashboard. It says not possible to connect.

The endpoint configured is tested separately, but not sure why I am experiencing this as part of the trigger or the test event. Unable to find any traces to debug this more.

Attaching the screenshot for reference. 


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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4 replies

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Here is the screenshot of the Event Details. There is not information to convey the reason for failure




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@Researchfin it looks like the Webhook URL you’re adding isn’t valid. Are you able to test with a different URL, maybe something for or a Zapier webhook to test?

The Headers and Body of the failure response would be coming from the webhook URL you’ve pasted in (usually your server). If there’s no connection at all those fields would be empty.

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Thank you so much @ryan for your guidance.

With your suggestion, I could figure out that there was a certificate issue at our server side. After rectifying it, able to receive the triggers in the Sandbox testing.

Will continue to test with more scenarios.

It is a bit strange that the browser and postman did not complain about this. 

Can we check from RevenueCat side if we can add the error logs to show up in the dashboard instead of returning empty header and body.? That would be of great help

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Glad you were able to track it down! Yes, the Header and Body in the response will displaywhatever is sent from your server. Adding some detailed error messages there could help you debug anything that may pop up in the future.