event_timestamp_ms and purchased_at_ms very different

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Hi there,

We have an initial_purchase_event webhook where the event_timestamp is roughly 25th May but the purchased_at timestamp is roughly 2nd May. Do you have any insight as to how this can happen and whether it is a common thing? 

For some extra context they didn’t open the app between 2nd May and 25th May so it looks like them opening the app on 25th somehow triggered the webhook that for some reason failed to fire when they made the purchase on the 2nd.





{  "api_version": "1.0",  "event": {    "aliases": [      "XXX"    ],    "app_id": "XXX",    "app_user_id": "XXX",    "country_code": "US",    "currency": "USD",    "entitlement_id": null,    "entitlement_ids": [      "premium"    ],    "environment": "PRODUCTION",    "event_timestamp_ms": 1653492042121,    "expiration_at_ms": 1683048830000,    "id": "XXX",    "is_family_share": false,    "offer_code": null,    "original_app_user_id": "XXX",    "original_transaction_id": "XXX",    "period_type": "INTRO",    "presented_offering_id": null,    "price": 55.99,    "price_in_purchased_currency": 55.99,    "product_id": "com.uptime.uptime_premium_year_uptimetrial",    "purchased_at_ms": 1651512830000,    "store": "APP_STORE",    "subscriber_attributes": {      "$appsflyerId": {        "updated_at_ms": 1653492040214,        "value": "XXX"      },      "$idfa": {        "updated_at_ms": 1653492040213,        "value": "XXX"      },      "$idfv": {        "updated_at_ms": 1653492040214,        "value": "XXX"      },      "$ip": {        "updated_at_ms": 1653492040214,        "value": "XXX"      }    },    "takehome_percentage": 0.7,    "transaction_id": "XXX",    "type": "INITIAL_PURCHASE"  }}

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