Email notification to vendor upon any purchase or subscription

  • 8 April 2024
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Is there any way to set up an email notification to be sent to the software vendor (author) any time a purchase or subscription is made via RevenueCat? I already receive the weekly summary, but I am interested in also getting email notifications on every purchase/subscription. Thanks.

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2 replies

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Hi! We do not currently have an integration to send emails to the author when purchase events occur, but I can raise the suggestion internally. We do have our Slack integration, which can notify slack channels regarding events in your app. Additionally, you could also use our Webhook integration with Zapier in order to automate emails to be sent when there is a purchase event. It would be a similar process as is outline in this RevenueCat Blog post.

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Hi. Simply sending email notifications for key events has been a very basic service from all kinds of servers for decades, this is not a matter for “integrations”. Please consider adding this for those authors who would appreciate email notifications of individual purchases performed via RevenueCat. Thank you.