Duplication of the purchase window on iOS

  • 4 August 2021
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I had noticed this problem in my test app, but since it never showed up after my first try, I didn't give it any thought.
Now that I have entered my production app I have noticed that the problem has recurred and therefore I am asking for help to fix it.
Explanation of the problem.
I state that I have tested the thing with iOS for now.
When I try to purchase a renewable subscription, the first time I do it with a new device that has never purchased this subscription, after completing the purchase, the iOS window for purchase is presented to me again. If I proceed with the purchase again after all it goes smoothly. Even all future purchases have no more problems.
I would like to understand if I made a mistake in the programming, where, however, I followed the example given by you to the letter, and in fact everything works perfectly after the first time.
This can be unpleasant for the user since it can give the impression that he has paid twice and since mine is a subscription that automatically renews the only time the user uses it is the very first time.
Thanks for your attention


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2 replies

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Hey @Carlo Sacchetti! 👋

We’ve heard of this happening in sandbox, but typically this isn’t an issue in production. It’s possible Apple is first requiring a sign-in (since it’s a new device), then proceeds with the purchase afterward by presenting the sheet. Can you confirm the new device is using the App Store version of your app, and not the version installed from Xcode/development?

Generally, as long as you aren’t calling purchasePackage twice, this wouldn’t seem to indicate an issue with your implementation- but instead would indicate an underlying system/OS behavior that’s causing the sheet to be presented twice. Since it seems to be working as expected after that first purchase, there likely isn’t anything that can be done from your end to change that behavior.

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I confirm that I am using the sandbox. With the AppStore version I haven't tried it yet because it's the first app that uses RevenueCat and I haven't launched it yet.
In fact with Android, in the meantime I also tried Android, it does not give this problem.
So it's probably as you say.
For now, thanks.