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  • 28 December 2021
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How to enable double tap to pay feature for users?


We have integrated RevenueCat into our flutter app and configured the products successfully. We are still pre-launch so our testing is currently in Sandbox mode.


Currently when testing the pay flow the user sees the paywall successfully, but there is no option to allow the user to double tap to pay. Instead there is a password field that the user must enter to authenticate their purchase.


Is the double tap feature just not visible due to the Sandbox mode or is there something we’re missing? I’d rather use RevenueCat for managing user subscriptions than have another provider in front of RevenueCat that handles taking payments for users.


Thanks in advance!


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Hey @KaseyDev 

This is just a quirk of the sandbox environment. Apple is the payment processor, so they’ll be handling all of the modals that you see in the app, including any payment modals. You should be seeing the double tap to pay when the app is released in production. Note that there are some other sandbox quirks. For example, sometimes you need to input the password twice or three times before the payment is successful. 


So how would I program that? Because logging in manually would require specific UI & functionality code for login page or text fields which is not needed with double-click pay. Logging in manually is not what we want in production, so where can I find help with using double-click pay?