Does revenue use userdefaults ?

  • 30 April 2024
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ITMS-91053: Missing API declaration For NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryUserDefaults

I have updated the revenuecat dependency to the latest 4.41.2

Still there is no mention of the Userdefaults usage  in privacy report. Can see privacy report on purchase history. Where as Userdefaults comes under additional data. 
Should I be manually adding it ? Because we will receive automated mail if we upload it without the complete info. 


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We already include the `Privacy.xcprivacy` in our SDK via SPM and since 4.40.0 also through Cocoapods.

Here you can find Apple’s documentation about how to create the privacy manifest when using 3rd parties.


Do you mind sharing the exact message you are getting? It would help us a lot debug it and see if there’s an issue on our end.


I hope this helps!

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