Do I need to create a new subscription or a base plan for a custom offer?

  • 25 March 2024
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Hello community,


we currently have an offering for pro subscription for $9.99. Now we want to create a special offering for the easter holidays for $7.99 (lifetime), that should not effect the users that bought for the normal price.

On Apple, I created a new subscription group with the new subscription for $7.99 in it, so users that bought for $9.99 can not switch to the $7.99 subscription in the icloud settings.

On google I’m not sure whats the corrent way? Should I create a whole new subscription with a new base plan, or is a new base plan in the existing subscription enough? I want to prevent that users that bought for $9.99 can switch to the $7.99 offering.


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Hey @mariusbolik ! 


For Google Play, I would recommend creating a new base plan. That way these customers could be part of the same subscription. This also should make it so users can only have one subscription at a time (one of the normal base plan or one of the easter base plan). 


Let me know if that helps!