Distinguishing test users from real users in dashboard

  • 17 February 2022
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Relatively minor but just seeking some clarification on the numbers in the dashboard.


We are currently doing testing and haven’t published the app to a production environment yet. As it stands the dashboard is showing 132 new customers and 138 active users, all of these are test users. 


Deleting the test customers does remove them from the Customers list (after a period of time) however the dashboard still seems to count them. Active users, as I understand it, is just the number of user ID’s  (including anonymous/generated) that have been seen within 28 days.



My question is over time we’ll still be testing things and will interfere with these numbers. Is there anyway to differentiate between the testing users and production. Toggling the ‘View Sandbox data’ doesn’t seem to effect these numbers?

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The New Customers and Active Users metrics on the overview do include sandbox users, but deleting sandbox users should remove them from that metric. It takes a little while for the overview and customer lists to refresh, and they refresh independently from each other (so customer lists may have refreshed before the overview did.) Are you still seeing the same 132 New Customers number, or has it gone down since you deleted those users?