Developer action needed on Subscription

  • 25 August 2022
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Hi, I am new to iAP and Subscriptions. After 10 years, i decide to go free app with subscription and i realized after my app approved theres something wrong. I edited some field in the appstore connect and i cant submit new version with the subscription.


I am attaching a screenshot, for the appstore localization, it says waiting for review. And in the subscriptions section, it says developer action needed. How to get out of here and submit the new version with the subscription successfully for review?



9 replies

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After searching stackoverflow, i read that i need to refresh the page and in the first second or something, before add for review button goes disabled, quickly click and make it to waiting for review.


Now, above screen shot, “Developer Action Needed” changed to waiting for review.


I am sorry, I am new, but shall i wait now till somebody at Apple reviews it? It is still not visible under the Build section of the upcoming version.



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Now my subscription status looks Approved (app store localization too). But if i download the app from the appstore, it is not working. If i run thru xcode, it is it is working… It seems many people are having some kind of problems with RevenueCat, is it the reason?

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OK, ultimately, i deleted everything and added again, both on revenuecat and appstoreconnect. After that I created a new version for my app and added the subscription in its main page (under the build) and added for review. Now it seems everything is working. So sorry but Apple is not clear and things are tricky. Even with revenuecat.

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I have the exact same problem. New app submisssion with a subscriptiton. Of course there was a small isssue I fixed and resumbitted but they are telling me I havent resub,itted the subscription. There is no way I can get it to change to a submit for review. I can get the locailizations to say waiting for review but never the submit. No one at Apple can tell me what to do to get it to work. Im thinking I should delete the subscription and start over with it. I’ve tried the rapid reload but im not sure its actually working. Anyone eklse see this?

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same problem here: I accidentally submitted the subscription on its own, instead of attaching it to the binary while it was in “Ready for review”. I also could re-enable the localizations by changing one character. But the subscription itself stays in “Developer action needed”. 

I saw the rapid reload trick, but that would again submit the subscription without the binary.

Any ideas? Can Apple support clear the “Developer action needed” flag on the subscription somehow?

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I think I am in a similar situation right now. App got denied. I uploaded a new version, but now I can attach the subscriptions to the new one… just stuck in “waiting for review” on all my subscriptions. 

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Did anyone solve this?

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@Xevenition not sure it will help or not by I basically documented all my steps here for my recent launch. I eventually got though: