Delete subscriptions with active users

  • 18 January 2024
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We want to delete old subscription products on both RC and AppStore Connect to avoid new users being able to switch subscriptions (we created them in the same subscription group).

Do you know what is going to happen to users that still use these subscriptions? What is going to happen on the next renewal?


Thank you


Best answer by Michael Fogel 22 January 2024, 18:25

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2 replies

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Hey @amsdamsgram ,


It's not possible for you to cancel a user's Apple subscription unfortunately. This is a limitation of the App Store, so even if you delete the user on RevenueCat their subscription will still be valid and they will still be paying for that subscription. To stop your product from being offered, you will have to delete it in the App Store Connect, then you will be able to delete it from RevenueCat. Once you do this, make sure that anywhere in your code that it was being called is calling the new valid product. 


Once the subscription is deleted, users will not be able to renew, I suggest that you push a notification to these users on the old product before revoking their subscription.


I hope that helps! 

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Thanks Michael for the answer!