Custom purchase integration

  • 31 July 2021
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Hello, we are integrating with a third party app that is going to pay us per use of their members, for example, each time a user opens our the app we get paid x dollars.

What is the best way of implementing such a system where RevenueCat can account for the revenue?

My solution would only account for access: 
1. Add a promotional entitlement via REST API to these members (so they get access to the features)

Is there any alternative to get the value of the payments back to RevenueCat?

1 reply

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Hey @Mighty Health!

We’ll only track revenue for store payments (App Store, Google Play, etc.) and we don’t support adding arbitrary revenue amounts to promotionals at this time.

Promotional entitlements would be a great way to keep this entitlement logic consistent with normal store payments. Our Subscriber Attributes allow you to store metadata on a customer, but since it’s writable with your public API key, it’s not a good idea to keep sensitive information there. It sounds like you might have to build this customer usage/tracking system on your end.